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Mixed metal & Two-Tone Jewelry

Mixed metal & Two-Tone Jewelry

| Niko Jewels

At our recent pop-up, we had someone come up to our booth and ask if Gold colour metal would compliment her skin tone. And that got us thinking... 

Going for make-up choices we spend a lot of time picking the right shade for our skin tone and we have seen people do same while picking between different coloured polishes when it comes to jewellery. But we truly feel fashion is about how we style and carry our selves. As long as you feel confident any shade of gold, silver or rose gold will make you shine bright.



Why does one have to choose? As cliche as it may sound, one of the most beautiful things about jewellery is that it always fits and looks stunning on everyone. We personally love styling gold and silver together- Best of both the worlds!


Each metal and plating, whether it’s gold, white, rose, gunmetal or green, would look just as stunning when worn together or individually. The same applies for gemstones. The trend for colour blocking ain’t just restricted to clothing. There are no set boundaries or guidelines that one has to follow when wearing jewellery and that’s where the fun lies! Think about the styling possibilities!


We, at Niko,  truly believe that no other product gives you the freedom to express your individuality and experiment with different styles and looks the way jewellery does. If you, like us, have also been vary of combining different polishes and textures and platings together - consider this a sign to let go of those notions and start experimenting NOW!

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