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Cosmic Connections

Cosmic Connections

| Niko Jewels

Do you know that feeling when you’re out looking for something but you can’t really pinpoint  what it is? But when you do find it, it feels like everything fits, that it was meant to be, that you didn’t really know just how bad you needed it all along and now that you’ve found it, you don’t want to let it go. Is this making any sense?

It was this feeling that led to the birth of our Cosmic Connections collection. We are big believers of energy and deeply  believe that the universe speaks to each of us through its cosmic bodies. These energies have a profound impact on how we feel and behave throughout our life. As an ode to this divine connection, we translated the symbols of the sun, moon and stars to wearable designs that reminded us of love, light, balance and everything else that this universe stands for.

What we need in order to have a fulfilling life is to have balance. Set in dichotomy, the sun and moon represent a balanced universe. The jewels in this collection are created to help wearers find their own balance and rhythm in their journey around the sun and moon. We also hope that these would serve as reminders to celebrate every moment the wearers experience this divine connection.

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