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Trend Alert: Mix-match earrings

Trend Alert: Mix-match earrings

| Niko Jewels

Mix and match earrings have been in trend for a while and with good reason! There’s no better way to express your individuality and add a little spunk to your look than this style. Mismatched earrings first came into trend at the Oscars in 2017 when Charlize Theron was spotted sporting Chopard diamond drop earrings that had a heart-shaped diamond on one lobe and an oval-shaped diamond on the other. Since then, this trend has caught on and how! From red carpets to runways, from luxury houses to fast-fashion brands, everyone has been avidly showing their love for this trend. And why not? They’re fun to sport, add a quirky personality to your attire and instantly take your look from drab to fab!

This chic, covetable style comes in various designs and makes for an amusing conversation starter. While there are no set rules one has to follow while deciding on mismatched earrings, here are a few things you must keep in mind to ensure you don’t look like you have accidentally paired the wrong set - 

  1. Choose earrings that have a common theme. To maintain a cohesiveness across your look, ensure that you pick earrings that are designed in a common theme.



  2. Earrings of different sizes that at least have  two things in common or vice versa - same metal, finish, textures or gemstones. 



  3. Create a statement with just a single earring - whether it’s a spunky stud or a fancy dangler, you can simply just wear a single one to create a chic look.



Most importantly, remember to have fun! This trend is all about freedom and expressing yourself in a manner that is uniquely you. Try out with smaller earrings first and get as creative as you can when you feel confident - you’ll soon find yourself never going back to wearing matching earrings again!

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