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Our Team

Hello, I am Niyati!

I believe that little things aren't really little, together they can make a big difference. Those little things add liveliness to our life - they should be appreciated, celebrated, and valued and this is how the idea of celebrating life through jewellery was born, Niko was born.
My little-big dream to make a difference while doing what I love doing.

My passion for creation matured into my love for jewellery when I did my Bachelors in Accessory Design from NIFT, India followed by Masters in Business Design from Domus Academy, Italy. This also gave me a chance to explore the people, places and culture of different countries. I realised we are different but not really different, we all, at the core, are global citizens.
On that journey I truly understood the energy of creation - the power of jewellery - the emotions it holds, the stories it tells, and the expressions it extends, reflecting & echoing the people who make it & the people who wear it.

When I am not working on Niko, I am either putting together a bowl of salad, painting my heart out or just spending time with my close ones and besties who share an interesting perspective towards life .

Niko is a derivative of latin origin meaning ‘victory of the people’ and it just resonated with us on many levels.
It reinforces our beliefs ,values and our mission to spread joy!