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Jewelry Certification & Marks

Jewelry Certification & Marks

| Niko Jewels

With jewelry becoming the most sought after accessory, there has been much chatter on the internet about the authenticity of the materials that go into it's making. While there are a various certifications, here's a guide to the most common marks, symbols and certifications that you should keep a note of when making a precious, semi-precious or even a fashion jewelry purchases-

1. 925 Hallmark -  These type of numerical stamps are the identification of what metal is the jewellery piece composed of. 925 and 999 stamps are only placed on solid sterling silver jewelry.

If a jewelry piece has only sterling silver plating on it, it won't be stamped 925. 
If there is 14 karat or 18 karat yellow gold plating over a sterling silver jewelry, it will still be stamped 925 because of the base metal. 

All Niko Jewels are stamp marked with '925'.

2. The Butterfly Mark - Awarded by Positive Luxury, this mark is awarded to luxury brands for their unwavering dedication to sustainable practices through every part of their business. To retailers and suppliers that meet the highest standards of verified ESG+ performance

3. RJC Certification - Responsible Jewellery Council certification is given to jewelry and watch businesses that adhere to industry standards and practices defined by the RJC Code.They are recognized for their commitment to responsible business.

4. FSC certification - This certification is given by the Forest Stewardship Council to brands whose products (packaging and other paper materials in the case of jewelry) come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

5. Kimberley Process - It international certification scheme that regulates trade in rough diamonds. It aims to prevent the flow of conflict diamonds, while helping to protect legitimate trade in rough diamonds.

6. Hypoallergenic And Nickel Free – Unregulated term that is used to describe jewelry that is made from metals that do not cause allergies and are nickel-free. 

Most people aren't allergic to silver itself – they are allergic to the other metals that compose the sterling silver alloy. If someone is experiencing allergic reactions with jewelry, it is majorly because the jewelry might have come in contact with nickel or cadmium during manufacturing. Niko Jewels are manufactured in nickel and cadmium free facilities.

Pro Tip: For sake of future confusion, sterling silver and 925 silver are the same. Pure silver is referred to as silver or 999 silver. 

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